Kirindy-Mitea National Park

On the south west coast of Madagascar is the unique Kirindy Mitea National Park. The park was founded in 1997 and has been open to tourists since 2007. There you will find a center of Malagasy endemism with fantastic biodiversity.

Kirindy-Mitea is located between the rivers Lampaolo and Maharivo, about 90 kilometers south of the town of Morondava. The national park is approximately 722 km ² large. Also a marine protected area with seven small islands belongs to the area. The area of Kirindy-Mitea is very flat. From May to October, the dry season determines the climate in the National Park area and many of the animals and plants are in a state of rest. During the rainy season from November to April, nature almost seems to explode.

You will find a variety of different ecosystems in the park, as Kirindy-Mitea is located in the transition zone of the western and southern coast, between the dry tropical climate and the semi-desert climate of southern Madagascar. Many species of animals and plants that you can discover here can not be found anywhere else on earth. In addition, the National Park is considered as the area with the highest density of primates in the world.

The landscapes and vegetation are very varied. You can hike through arid primary forests, walking through fantastic savannas, bathe in bays and beaches, climb grassy coastal dunes or explore coral reefs and small islands. Forests grow along the temporary rivers and the lakes Ambondro and Sirave, where pink flamingos live, are well worth a visit. A canoe trip through the mysterious mangrove forests is a special experience. Imposing, baobabs tower into the deep blue sky. In the dry forests of the Kirindy-Mitea National Park, you can trace the diverse flora and fauna.

Eleven species of mammals, of which ten are endemic, can be found in Kirindy-Mitea National Park. The mouse lemur, the smallest primate species in the world, should only live here in the National Park area. Other species of lemurs such as the red-fronted lemur, the southern giant lemur, the western fat-tailed lemur, the red-tailed lemur and the sifaka are also present in large numbers. Other animals are the fossa, the Votsotsa and the narrow stripe mungo. The Kirindy Private Reserve is also an ideal place to observe the animals of Madagascar such as fossa and lemurs.

– Pink flamingos
– Mouse lemur & red-fronted lemur
– Mangrove forests

– hiking shoes or trekking shoes
– enough liquid
– sunscreen

Day Tour (3-6 hours)