Andrigitra National Park

Imposing mountain formations, granite mountain ranges, tropical rainforest and unique flora and fauna characterize the beauty of the Andrigitra National Park. Here is the landscape to find everything. With a size of 300 square kilometers, it is rather manageable in relation to other national parks in Madagascar. The mountain Pic Boby is of volcanic origin and stands out with its size of over 2658 meters from the see level.

The journey is from Fianarantsoa. On the well-paved national road N7 south to Ambalavao. From there, the path becomes sandy. There are two entrances to the park, one located near Namoly and the other in Morarano. In both places an information center awaits its guests. Here you can get all the necessary informations about staying in the national park and can book a hike or trekking tour with a local guide. The Malagasy people are extremely friendly and helpful and usually speak French or English.

Plants, rare orchids, succulents and various tree species can be found in the national park. The dense rainforest is always green due to the tropical climate. Exceptional trees covered with creepers, mushrooms and mosses inhabit the tropical forest. At the mountain formations one has the greatest luck in the summer months to find one of the blooming aloes or the “immortals”, a white-flowering straw flower.

A large number of mostly endemic animals are at home in Andringitra National Park. 13 day or nocturnal lemur species, bats, the smallest frog species and countless insect and bird species will be discovered on hikes through the fascinating area. Most famous are probably the katta lemurs. Also, some of the smallest chameleons, other animals are to be found with some patience. At the edge of the national park, night excursions are offered, where you can observe the nocturnal animals.

Accommodation in guesthouses or campsites makes it easy to take one of the impressive hikes and then enjoy the evening atmosphere in the National Park. The trails are well signposted and can be made individually. The paths lead at different altitudes through unique savanna areas, palm groves and lakes, waterfalls and tropical forests. The rock formations stand majestically on the horizon. If you are well-conditioned, you can climb the Pic Boby, Madagascar’s second highest mountain, and enjoy the overwhelming view. In the park live a total of three tribes. In Ambalavao you can meet the friendly people of the Betsileos tribe and admire their traditional food and handicrafts. A visit to the central market and wine making should be included in the program.

– 13 day and night active lemurs Pic Boby (2658m)
– Sacred caves
– Waterfalls

– Hiking shoes or trekking shoes
– enough liquid
– Sunscreen

Day Tour (6 hours)
Multi-day tour (3-4 days with ascent to Pic Boby)