From the south to the east (18 days)

From the south to the east (18 days)

The journey starts and ends in Antananarivo. The following stopovers will be made during the journey: Antsirabe – Fianarantsoa – Manakara – Ranomafana – Isalo – Ifaty / Anakao – Antananarivo – Andasibe – Palmarium – Antananarivo.


Three national parks and reserves, as well as a lemur island
Boat trip on the Pangalane channel
Ride on the Jungle Express
Beach on Ifaty / Anakao

Day 1 Antananarivo
Upon arrival, you will spend the night in your hotel in Antananarivo. The next day you will visit the city with enjoying the Royal Palace and craft market.

Day 2 Antsirabe (Antananarivo – Antsirabe)
In Antsirabe, also called city of salt, you can marvel at various crater lakes. In addition, you can drive from a cycle rickshaw to a small workshop that produces various zebuhorn products. Overnight in Antsirabe

Day 3 Fianarantsoa (Antsirabe – Fianarantsoa)
In the morning, drive to Ambositra, a woodcarving center, to Fianarantsoa, the administrative center of Madagascar’s first queen. Today, Fianarantsoa is the centerpiece of a rich agricultural and cultural area. From here, the adventurous train journey on the Jungle Express begins the next day.
Overnight in Fianarantsoa

Day 4 Manakara (Fianarantsoa – Manakara)
Early in the morning you will be picked up from the hotel and taken to the train station. At 7 o’clock the Jungle Express starts in the direction to Manakara. With an average speed of 30 km / h you drive through the tropical rainforest and pass through tea plantations, rice terraces, waterfalls and coffee plantations. During stops in various villages, you will be provided by the local traders with freshly prepared snacks and fruits. Late in the night you arrive in Manakara. Overnight in Manakara

Day 5 Manakara
The city has the second largest port. Today you will sail on a traditional pirogue to the Pangalane Channel. The Pangalane Channel is a waterway with a length of about 645 km and a width of about 50 m, which goes parallel to the Indian Ocean. On the way you can observe fishermen in their daily work. You will also pass by tombs and see a medicinal plant workshop.
Overnight in Manakara

Day 6 Ranomafana (Manakara – Ranomafana)
In the morning drive towards Ranomafana National Park. In the evening, you discover the smallest lemurs (mouse lemurs) and various chameleons on a night Walk.
Overnight in Ranomafana

Day 7 Ranomafana
Today you will hike through the national park and discover various types of lemurs and endemic plants that only grow in the rainforest. During the hike you will be accompanied by a local guide. He knows every plant and animal in the national park. After the hike you can relax in the thermal bath.
Overnight in Ranomafana

Day 8 Isalo (Ranomafana – Isalo)
From Ranomafana you drive to Ranohira by Ambalavao, the center of individual silk factories and papermaking. In Ranohira is the Isalo National Park, which you will visit the next day. On the drive you will visit the Anja Lemur’s parc, which houses more than 400 Kattalemuren. Then you can admire the cracked granite formations “Gate of the South” and “Bishopshat”.
Overnight in Isalo

Day 9 Isalo
Today you spend Times with a hike in Jurassik Park, also called as the Isalo National. The Isalo National Park, with its rugged cliffs and gorges, offers a variety of lemurs, reptiles and birds. During the hike you can relax in the fresh natural pools. So take swimming set with you. Overnight in Isalo

Day 10 Toliary (Isalo – Toliary)
You continue to the province of Toliary. You drive through various sapphire towns and and observe colorful traditional tombs of the southern tribes. If you want, you can still see some lemurs and different species of birds in the Zombitse National Park. In the afternoon, visit Arboretum Antsokay, a private botanical garden.
Overnight in Toliary

Day 11 – 12 Ifaty (Optional Anakao)
In the north of Toliary is Ifaty. Ifaty offers a visit to the Baobab nature reserve. The nature reserve is houses various reptile and plant species. The next day you can swim in the sea and / or snorkel. Overnight in Ifaty optional Anakao which is located southern of Toliary and is a fisher’s village with white sand beaches. From here you can start a wonderful trip to the island of Nosy Ve (bird island). Nosy Ve is a hotspot for diving enthusiasts and beach hungry.
Overnight in Ifaty

Day 13 Antananarivo (flight from Ifaty to Antananarivo)
Return to Antananarivo and overnight in the same hotel.

Day 14 Andasibe (Antananarivo – Andasibe)
Today you drive on the national road N ° 2 direction to city Tamatave. On the way you must not miss the exotic reptile farm. After the tour you continue to Andasibe. Depending on your mood, in the evening you can do a little night walk and discover various nocturnal species.
Overnight in Andasibe

Day 15 Andasibe
This day is a special day. In the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park you can admire the largest lemurs of the island, the Indri. The national park is rich in lemur, bird and reptile species. The vegetation in the park is dense and is interspersed by a mountain massif. In the afternoon you visit the private reserve Vakona on a lemur island.
Overnight in Andasibe

Day 16 – 17 Palmarium Lemur Reserve
Today you take a speedboat across the Pangalane Canal to visit the Palmarium Private Reserve. In the evening, discover the most endangered, nocturnal Lemur species, called aye aye or giant finger animal. The next day you visit the botanical garden of the Hotel Palmarium. Again, you will meet some lemurs.
Overnight in the Palmarium

Day 18 Antananarivo (Palmarium-Antananarivo)
You return to Antananarivo, where you will board your international flight back home.

The price

The total price includes mid-range accommodation, entrance fees and domestic flight. Not included are the international flight, lunch and dinner, as well as gratuities. Issues for souvenirs, etc. are of course not included in the price. I accompany you throughout the tour. In the parks you will be guided by the local guides.

If you want to know the exact price for this tour or if you want to adapt it to your wishes, please send me a non-binding booking request stating your preferred date. Please refer to the tour “From the South to the East” in the remarks.