From the north to the west (20 days)

From the north to the west (20 days)

The journey starts and ends in Antananarivo. The following stopovers will be made during the journey: Antsiranana – Montagne d’Ambre – Ankarana – Nosy Be – Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Miandrivazo – Morondava.


Four national parks and a lemur island
Sight of the big and small Tsingy
Baobab alle
Enjoy the beach on Nosy Be and the Three Bays

Day 1 Antananarivo
After arrival, you stay in your hotel in Antananarivo. The next day you will visit the city with enjoying the Royal Palace and craft market.

Day 2 Antsiranana
Today you will be transferred from the hotel to the airport, where you will board the plane to Antsiranana.
Overnight in Antsiranana.

Day 3 Antsiranana (Antsiranana – Ramena)
Drive to the Sea with its snow-white beach and stunning coral reefs. Here is a small snorkeling trip. On the way you will see the typical endemic Baobab, the sacred island “Sugar Loaf” and the Montagne des Français.
Overnight in Antsiranana

Day 4 Antsiranana (Antsiranana – 3 bays)
Today drive towards the Three Bays (Sakalava Bay, Dune Bay and Pigeon Bay). You can either enjoy the sun and the beach or you can go windsurfing, snorkeling or diving in the sea.
Overnight in Antsiranana

Day 5 Montagne d’Ambre (Antsiranana – Joffre Ville)
Today we leave the city and drive through an avenue with a variety of plants to the National Park Montagne d’Ambre.
Overnight in Montagne d’Ambre

Day 6 Montagne d’Ambre
Today you walk through the former volcanic massif of the National Park Montagne d’Ambre. In the dense forest area you can discover some lemur species. The park is home for so many birds and chameleons that they can be easily spotted. The small highlight of the hike is the smallest leaf tailed chameleon. The park also offers a sacred lake and large waterfalls.
Overnight in Montagne d’Ambre

Day 7 Ankarana National Park (Montagne d’Ambre – Iharana)
Continue to the Iharana Busch Camp, passed by the Red Tsingy’s “Tsingy Rouge”. The Red Tsingy is sandstone from laterite. Shortly thereafter you drive to the hotel, from where you start the tour of the limestone cliffs the next day.
Overnight at Iharana Busch Camp

Day 8 Tsingy in Ankarana National Park
Today is devoted to a hike in the sharp limestone area. The Malagasy word Tsingy means “walking on tiptoe” in english and comes originally from the natives of the Tsingy, who had to walk barefoot from rock to rock. In the park there are several viewpoints from which you have a wonderful panoramic view. In addition, Ankarana National Park has subterranean rivers, caves, lemurs, lizards and various species of birds.
Overnight at Iharana Busch Camp

Day 9 Nosy Be (Ankarana – Nosy Be)
Early in the morning drive by coconuts and ylang-ylang plantations to the harbor in Ambanja. With a speedboat you drive to Nosy Be, the so-called “Parfum Island”. In the afternoon we will show you the city with the Ylang-Ylang-Scented Plant Distillery. In the sunset, enjoy the panoramic view of the highest mountain, the Mont Passot.
Overnight in Nosy Be

Day 10 Nosy Be (Beach holiday)
Boat trip to the neighboring islands. First to Nosy Komba, also called lemur island. The island consists of a former volcanic cone, which still houses black lemurs today. Shortly after visiting the lemur island you take the speedboat to the snorkeling paradise Island Nosy Tanikely. Here you can discover underwater colorful fish, crabs, corals and sea turtles. Overnight in Nosy Be

Day 11 Antananarivo
Today you will be transferred to the airport and continue to Antananarivo.
Overnight in Antananarivo

Day 12 Miandrivazo
(Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Miandrivazo) You spend the day mainly in the vehicle. On the way you stop for lunch in Antsirabe, the city of salt. The journey then ends in Miandrivazo.
Overnight In Miandrivazo

Day 13 Morondava
(Miandrivazo – Morondava) Continue to Morondava.
Overnight In Morondava

Day 14 Bekopaka (Morondava – Bekopaka)
Today you drive by the famous natural monument “Baobab Allee”. Later, you pass the Sakalava Tombs and a typical dry forest. To get there, use two adventurous-looking ferries that will take you to the other side of the river. On the second crossing you can already see the edge of the limestone mountains.
Overnight in Bekopaka

Day 15 Tsingy from Bemaraha National Park
You spend the whole day today in the large dry landscape of the National Park Tsingy de Bemaraha. The hike requires some stamina and physical fitness. But when you enjoy the view from the viewing platforms, you forget the effort very quickly. In the park you will see Madagascar’s largest predator, the fossa. In addition, you can discover mungos, various types of lemurs, species of birds, bat species, amphibian species and reptile species.
Overnight in Bekopaka

Day 16 Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park
To see the difference between the big and small Tsingy, you can still visit the little Tsingy today. The tour will take place in a small pirogue trip, where you will see subterranean caves and other tombs of Sakalava.
Overnight in Bekopaka

Day 17 Kirindy dry forest (Bekopaka – Kirindy)

Today you leave the limestone area in the direction to Morondava. On the trip, you spend another night in the Kirindy dry forest. At dusk, you search for nocturnal lemur and chameleon species. Overnight in Kirindy

Day 18 Morondava (Kirindy – Morondava)
In the morning you hike through the dry forest area to admire various lemur and bird species. Furthermore, there are interesting Baobab shapes to see. In the afternoon you drive by the holy Baobab and Baobab in Love, to the Baobaballee.
Overnight in Morondava

Day 19 Antsirabe (Morondava – Antsirabe)
Drive towards Antananarivo with overnight in Antsirabe.

Day 20 Antananarivo (Antsirabe – Antananarivo)
In the city of salt, you not only visit the crater lakes, but also have the opportunity to ride a cycle, rickshaw to a miniature workshop. This workshop produces various Zebuhorn products. Shortly thereafter you will drive to Antananarivo, where you will be transferred to the airport. Here ends your journey.

The price

The total price includes mid-range accommodation, entrance fees and domestic flights. Not included are the international flight, lunch and dinner, as well as gratuities. Issues for souvenirs, etc. are of course not included in the price. I accompany you throughout the tour. Also in the parks I will accompany you in addition to the local guides.

If you want to know the exact price for this tour or if you want to adapt it to your wishes, please send me a non-binding booking request stating your preferred date. Please refer to the tour “From the North to the West” in the remarks.