Lokobe National Park

Nosy Be is a 325 km² island off the west coast in the north of Madagascar. The distance to the mainland is about 10 kilometers. Nosy Be is up to 26 kilometers long, 20 kilometers wide and belongs to the province of Antsiranana. Here, on the island of Nosy Be, is located the 7.4 km ² Lokobe Nature Park. It is named after the Lokobe as the highest elevation on the island at 450 meters above sea level. Mid-1920s, the current park was initially set up as a nature reserve. In 2011 was the conversion into a Malagasy National Park. The four dozen nature parks in Madagascar are divided into four categories: national park, national park with special protection status, nature reserve and marine reserve. The Lokobe National Park on Nosy Be is one of those with special protection status. The park area is located in the southeast, less than 10 kilometers from Andoany.

The entire park area is covered with a dense rainforest. In the center of the national park stands the mountain of the same name as well as eleven larger crater lakes. They were formed by volcanoes that have not been active for several centuries. The island climate is all year fairly warm at a temperature from 25 ° C upwards. The wildlife in the national park is quite varied with lemurs, crocodiles and several chameleon species such as the panther chameleon. Several dozen bird species have their habitat here. The rich variety of animals is complemented by several dozen reptile and amphibian species. The island Highlight is the black maki, a primate species within the lemurs.

Nosy Be itself is one of the preferred tourist destinations in the almost 590.000km² large country Madagascar. Outside the park, the infrastructure on the island is good. The tourist can choose among hotels, bungalows and lodges for his accommodation. The gastronomy offers a good international food. In the park there is a designated area for camping. Since its recognition as a national park in 2011, the Lokobe National Park is gradually being developed. This includes, among other things, the creation of fortified hiking and trekking trails. Otherwise, the Malagasy ANGAP, the Association Nationale pour la Gestion des Aires Protégées, takes great responsibility in keeping the Lokobe National Park as pristine as possible.

Nosy Be offers not only a multitude of animals on land, but also some admirable animals in a maritime environment. This wildlife is best explored as part of a diving or a small snorkling tour.

– 11 crater lakes
– black maki and other Lemur species
– fan palms
– fine woods

– Trekking shoes or solid sports shoes
– enough liquid
– sunscreen
– possibly swimming suits

Tour Duration
Tour (2-6 hours)