Isalo National Park

Isalo National Park has been a national park designated by the Malagasy government since 1962 with an area of ​​815 km². The park is located in the southwest of Madagascar at an altitude between 900 and 1,100 meters. The nearest major city is Toliara as the provincial capital with about 125,000 inhabitants. The distance is 240 kilometers. The park entrance is near the village of Siombivotsy, and the small town of Ranohira is just under 20 kilometers north of the park. National Route 7, or RN 7 for short, is one of the country’s longest national roads, stretching over more than 900 kilometers from Antananarivo, the capital of the north, to Toliara National Park.

Through the extensive park area lead several hiking trails. They are suitable for both one-day and multi-day trips. Local guides guide visitors through a wide park area with rugged cliffs and gorges, with waterfalls and natural pools for swimming. Among tourists, this rocky landscape is often referred to as the Malagasy Colorado. Among the places to visit include the Maki Gorge, the Portuguese caves, and the Nymph Falls, also known as Tsingy d’Isalo. The wildlife is unique, it is species-rich with seven lemur species such as sifaka and katta, with the Madagaskarboa and with chameleons. Reptiles, several dozen rare bird species, mouse lemurs and fossas live in this southern highlands of the almost 590,000 km² island of Madagascar. Basically, the entire park area is a single jagged mountain landscape with bizarre rock formations and accordingly deep ravines. Predominantly endemic plant species such as Pachypodium, or the elephant foot have adapted to the dry, hot climate in this region. Daytime temperatures in shadowless savanna of more than 30 degrees Celsius are quite normal. The visitor is more than compensated for his often tedious hiking and trekking lessons by the unique beauty, one could also say wildness of the national park. Nature lovers with a good dose of adventure come here.

From Siombivotsy to the entrance of the national park it is not far. However, due to the poor road conditions, the route should only be used with a jeep for the way from Ranohira to the National Park. Several tent and campgrounds offer infrastructure with water but no electricity. During the annual high season, the Isalo National Park is a Target for tourists from all over the world. For your trip through Madagascar is at least one day trip to the Isalo National Park worthwhile.

– Seven Lemur species
– Different species of birds
– Deep gorges
– Several natural pools

– Trekking shoes or solid sports shoes
– enough liquid
– Swimset

Day Tour (3-6 hours)
Multi-day tour (2-3 days incl. Camping overnight)