Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park

After a feeling of eternity in the scorching heat of the treeless and barren savanna, the narrow trail leads to the edge of a sparse forest. After just a few meters, a whole new world begins. In the shade of the trees, a pleasant coolness spreads. Again and again you can discover a variety of exceptionally colorful flowering plants on both sides of the paths. Suddenly, just a few meters away, an incredibly powerful tree breaks through the the forest. His bizarrely appearing crown of short, thick and leafless branches casts an elaborate shadow pattern on the forest floor. The further way through the tropical forest accompanies a colorful, many-voiced singing of different birds. The landscape of the Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park is characterized not only by its nature, but also by the diversity of a special flora and fauna.

Located in the heart of the Atsimo Andrefana region in deep southwestern Madagascar, about 150 km northeast of the city of Toliara, Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park protects a significant part of Malagasy nature. Nestled in a region characterized by progressive deforestation as a result of traditional deforestation and sapphire mining, the 36.3 km² reserve covers the last remnants of the characteristic dry forest that once covered much of the area.
The national park consists of a total of three sub-areas. The area “Zombitse”, translated as “dense forest” consists of the typical tropical dry forest, while extensive savanna areas form the part of the protected area called “Vohibasia”. In addition to these two eponymous areas, there is also the area “Isoky Vohimena”. Although each of these three areas has been protected on its own for some time, they have officially been declared a national park only in 2002.

As a transition zone between two different landscape areas, the tropical dry and the tropical rainforest, the region of the national park is characterized by a particularly rich flora and fauna. The absolute figurehead of the Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park is the species-rich birdlife. Alone 85 different bird species are at home here, the majority of them is limited in its distribution only in Madagascar. The flora of the area is just as colorful and diverse as the fauna of the national park. As impressive as it is fascinating is the sight of the more than 500 years old baobabs (monkey bread trees). Above all, for plant lovers but also all other nature lovers, the abundance of different and bright in all imaginable colors orchids is a real pleasure. But also typical succulents like the Madagascar palm or the aloe vera are characteristic of the remarkable flora and make the Visit the Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park, located on the most visited tourist route RN7, for an incomparable and unique nature experience.

– 47% of endemic bird species in Madagascar
– Rare forked stripe makis
– Baobabs

– Trekking shoes or solid sports shoes
– enough liquid
– Sunscreen

Time Duration
Day tour (2-3 hours)